Roadblock on Border Project

Monkey grass soaking in tubs to soften the roots.

On Sunday morning I was enthusiastic about getting closer to finishing with digging up and replanting the de-weeded monkey grass border along the west garden. I sent my oldest son out ahead of me to do the digging up part. Unfortunately what he uncovered brought my project to a halt.

The landscaping timber was mostly rotten, with crabgrass roots running all through it. When I pulled on some roots the timber just fell apart. The timing is bad because banging rebar through fresh¬†timber and into the ground is Mr. Mims’ department, and he’s still busy painting our fresh deck. He inspected my work,¬†went somewhere to get the timber, dumped it in front of the site and then informed me that it’s low on his list right now. I can’t say I blame him. Continue reading

Mobile Gardening

A Smiling Gardener on Wheels.

A Smiling Gardener on Wheels.

I’ve been weeding and carting loads of chicken dirt (top soil and chicken manure) and rolling and raking and hoeing too, for the last couple of weeks, with my feet and hands and my wheel barrow. When Mister Mims showed up yesterday with the golf course gardeners cart, well, I was all smiles.