At the moment the box is just half full with leaf compost.

Black Gold

Sometimes you just have to be patient to get what you want. It’s been a whole month since I last wrote about my new garden bed project. The work had come to a halt because of the rain, and because I needed my husband to build the frame. Now you could tell me that I could have done it myself, and that’s true. But he does it better, and that way I don’t have to hear his mouth about the bad job I did, so honestly, it’s better to just wait and let him do it. He’s had his hands full too with the recent snow storm that felled several trees on the property, and a new carport in the works as well. At the moment the box is just half full with leaf compost. Before the leaf compost was dumped in I spread a layer of kitchen compost beneath it, stuff like eggshells and coffee grinds, onion skins and other things that we don’t feed to the chickens. Continue reading

Not According to Plan

It’s been almost a month since I wrote about working on a new garden bed, and the majority of that time it was raining. Mr. Mims bought new timber, and the plan was to make the frame for the new raised bed over the holidays so that the boys could fill it with compost and chicken waste for me before they went back to school. I wanted the mixture to marinate in place before spring.

Bear inspects the timber...

Bear inspects the timber…

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