Herb Thresher

I grow a lot of herbs and usually dry them when it’s  harvest time. After the leaves of an herb are dry, they can be stored whole or ground up. Grinding them makes it easy to sprinkle the herb into your recipes. When I saw this gadget at the thrift store, I wasn’t sure what it was for, but it looked like it could be useful. As it turns out, it is the perfect gadget for finishing the job with dried herbs. This is one of my top ten kitchen gadgets. Continue reading

Parsley Getting Started

I'll separate these, in another week or so, so that I have two or three to a pot.

I’ll separate these, in another week or so, so that I have two or three to a pot.

Parsley is a bi-annual plant, which means that it lasts for two growing seasons. I like to have parsley in my kitchen garden in the wintertime. One reason is because it stays green in the winter, another is that it’s almost always nice to add some fresh parsley to a meal, or at least a salad. Not the least of my reasons for having plenty of green plants growing in my kitchen boxes in the winter time is to discourage my cats from thinking that they are just two big litter boxes. Since I also have bulbs in those boxes I don’t want them digging the bulbs up. Continue reading

My Winter Garden

Buddha meditates, surrounded by moss and parsley.

I like living in the upstate of South Carolina. We get four seasons, but winter is mild. It can be drab though. Our mostly hardwood trees just look grey and naked and forlorn in the winter time. We had a warmish weekend, and I stepped out to pull some weeds on Saturday. It’s been so warm this winter that the bulbs are coming up early, and I saw a few flowers already on my strawberries.

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