Mystery Mushroom

This mushroom looked like a toy ball from a distance.

I spotted this mushroom from about two hundred feet away. It was the only one in the field and looked like a stray toy ball. I didn’t see any stem and didn’t touch it either. It’s about seven inches in diameter. It appeared after a rain that followed an extended dry period and has been there for several days now. Who knows what this is?

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Morning Mushrooms

My title isn’t referring to ingesting mushrooms in the morning. I saw a variety of mushrooms this morning while I was just walking around, and thought that they actually looked pretty in the morning light.

There were yellow mushrooms in the chicken manure and pink mushrooms in the woods, among a variety of others.  Maybe there were so many because it rained hard and long a couple of days ago, and the conditions were just right?

I’m still a mushroom virgin. I looked in my Introduction to Familiar North American Species of Mushrooms, but I feel very unsure about matching the mushrooms in my photos with the illustrations. I could make a few guesses, but none of them look just like the examples in my glossy guide.

The idea of searching the internet to identify my mushrooms seems like a daunting task at the moment. For all I know some of them may be edible, but for now I’ll just keep taking pretty pictures of mushrooms. If you happen to know anything about any of these please do enlighten me!

The instrumental soundtrack in the video is from “Unnamed Flower” on my CD Living It!, with Sabine Worthmann on upright bass and Heinrich Koebberling on percussion. You can search for the song or the CD wherever you like to listen to or buy music on the internet.

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