Immersion Blending Bliss

handblender2I don’t use this immersion blender a lot, but when I do…it’s because it’s just the right tool¬†for the job. Probably the greatest time is when I’m creating a cream of you name it soup, and it’s time to blend the hot ingredients.

Have you ever put some really hot liquid in your blender, and put the top on, and turned it on? Well I confess. I have. Even with my hand firmly placed on the rubber top, the hot liquid came spurting out as soon as I turned the blender on. Since then, I learned to do a little at a time, like maybe a cup or cup and a half at most, or just wait for it to cool down before I blend it. But since adopting those prudent, but still kind of messy and time consuming methods, I acquired an immersion blender. Continue reading