The Dragon will Soon Sleep

My garden draws me into its minute details
derails my attempts to prevail with straight lines
or orderly arrangements, continually demanding
my engagement. The weeds are overgrown into
the path again. The bees, butterflies, biting ants
demonstrate business just like me, finding
sustenance in the flowers until their last hours.
The dragon breathes her last gusts of fire into
the approaching winter. She will hibernate
with the first frost and I too will curl up and dream.
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Dragon Breath Season

Dragon Breath plants about to bloom
While much of my summer garden is fading, these Dragon Breath are about to bloom.

My garden might be getting just past her prime in late September, but she still has a lot to offer. I started a few of these Dragon Breath from seed last year. They must have reseeded themselves, because this spring they came up all over the place, and I started pulling them like weeds.

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