From Family to Nursery

In retrospect I can say that May is bird month around here. We have fourteen incubator hatched chickens in the coop that areĀ approaching seven weeks. And we have had a wild goose family staying around with their four chicks.

At the end of March I posted a video of a the pair of nesting geese, before they had chicks, chasing off another couple. Now that their goslings are several weeks old, they have a whole new attitude. What was one family has grown to three families, with twelve goslings in all. They have been here for a couple of days now.


Wild Geese Tame Cat

We’ve had a goose couple around here for several days, and a duck couple too. I believe that mating season is commencing. Canadian geese show up frequently around here. We had a nesting couple one year that stuck around with the babies for awhile. The geese seem to be used to people. They don’t get disturbed easily, unless they have babies in tow. My cat’s tail stays on bushy alert when they are close by…