Eye Candy for Labor

Monkey grass and rocks were my obsession in very early spring. It became a family project when rotten timbers needed replacing and more rocks were needed to fill in an area of the garden that was getting flooded in the rain and overrun with weeds.

I had to get down with the mud and get to know my shovel intimately, but now I’m blushing with happiness in my morning garden. The daffodils are already over, but now there are bearded iris and clematis among the onions, lettuce, broccoli and asparagus. While I had all the monkey grass dug up I separated some of the roots and started a new border along the strawberry path. The fresh shoots are rising now, letting me know that I treated them well and they are happy. They look psychedelic while I drink an espresso in the shade…

No Such Thing as Quiet

Bearded iris leaves, lambs ear and thyme have been thriving beneath a layer of leaves.

Bearded iris leaves, lambs ear and thyme have been thriving beneath a layer of leaves.

Today I spent a couple hours raking up leaves that I had left spread out over my kitchen garden for the winter. The area is partly sunny but mostly shady in the summer time.  There was bright green ground cover underneath all those dry brown leaves, and lambs ear too, and bearded iris leaves emerging from the ground. I have a little rake that I use to clear my garden where I know I have delicate plants growing. Mr. Mims planted some Jacob’s Ladder in the same area,  and I picked carefully around the area where I have a little ring of stones to mark the spot. It was a nice surprise to see the plant emerge again, and the pretty purple flowers getting ready to bloom.

When I shot this video there was wind, and crows calling, and an airplane flying overhead that sounds a little like a Jimi Hendrix slide accompanying the nearby wind chimes while the flowers do their dance…