Hard Winter Lessons

Not so appetizing…

I’ve taken lots of pictures, and learned lots of things, but I didn’t get any lettuce out of the deal this winter, or tomatoes either. The freeze this past weekend was the death of my last few lettuce starters, which looked so promising just a few days ago.

My husband suggested that I should try growing Romaine in the winter time, instead of the fragile curly leaf varieties that I tried because I still had those seeds. So, I am planning on starting some Romaine seeds, but, it is already almost spring, so I won’t count these starters as a winter crop.

I went ahead and took apart my hoop garden, not only because my last batch of lettuce died, even though I covered them with cloches under the agribon, but because I didn’t realize that I had placed the garden over buried daffodil bulbs that are now showing themselves.

My Cherokee Purple tomato remains stunted in my kitchen window, even with twelve hours of a grow light each day. My mini tomato starters are doing fine, but if I wanted winter tomatoes, as opposed to spring tomatoes, I should have started them sooner. Since I have been so stubborn about my Cherokee Purple, I am going to keep it alive until I can plant it in my garden this spring. Who knows, it might still give me a few early tomatoes to repay me for my efforts…

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