Winter Tomato Woes

So far my winter tomato romance has all been in my head. I would probably tell someone else to eat seasonally; enjoy tomatoes in summer. But I am infatuated with the idea of fresh, tasty tomato with our dinner salad. Despite the negative feedback, I have not given up. I am still doing what I can to cultivate a relationship between me and my heirloom tomatoes that’s more than a summer romance.

Not looking too good…

I gave my remaining Cherokee Purple starter a grow light. But it is not responding the way I hoped it would. The top of the plant appeared to be dead, so I decided to cut it off and see if the bottom part of the plant might adapt itself to my kitchen.

A pruned tomato. The celery doesn’t look too bad.

I am grudgingly playing the field now, because I really am partial to the Cherokee Purple. Out of the twenty dwarf tomato seeds that I planted, I have nine starters that are about ready for their own little pots.

The dwarf sprouts are supposed to grow mini tomatoes. We’ll see.