Planning for the Future

Step one was to clear the grass and weeds from the spot.

While people in the world are creating anxiety for more people everywhere that there will be more war, I am still planning for my future garden as if spring will still come and plants will grow and life will go on. If only everyone could just plan a spring garden instead of conflict and conflagration.

Step two was to lay down a thick layer of newspaper.
Step three was to cover the newspaper with compost from the chicken coop.

With the help of my son John, I took a very weedy, grassy patch at the end of my west garden, where the sprinklers don’t reach, and turned it into a so-called Back to Eden Garden, that shouldn’t need much watering come summertime. That’s because instead of removing the leaf cover on top, I will only clear breathing spaces for the plants that I put there this summer. The leaf mulch will remain to keep the soil underneath moist.

The final step was to rake leaves from off the fence and cover the garden with them.

So, if all goes according to plan, there will be peace this summer, and some healthy tomatoes growing in that spot in my garden.

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