Looking Ahead for Lettuce

I would say that I am moving on the slow track with my winter gardening, but I am moving, and learning as I go, so it’s just as well that I don’t move too fast.

a pie safe with a greenhouse cover

On the deck, facing south, I have a pie safe with a mini-greenhouse cover that I ordered for it with approximately the right dimensions. This morning I was happy to see a few lettuce sprouts appear. Eventually, I will move them to the garden.

winter garden with garlic, strawberries, mint, agribon covered lettuce

In the garden, I placed some small hoops up against the southern facing brick wall of the house. I covered them with agribon. Underneath the cover is one lone lettuce, the starter that I was given at the library a few weeks ago when I attended a class there about winter gardening. The bigger leaves died but there are some nice green baby ones coming up from the center, so I have high hopes for that one head of lettuce.

roots of lettuce and onions in water

I have also been saving some goodies from the kitchen, the root ends of some butter leaf lettuce and a couple of onions. They are in the window above the kitchen sink right now. I will be planting those under the agribon soon. The onions will go on the edges to keep bugs at bay.

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