One Tomato

A tomato starter under a grow light, (and some celery too.)

I have finally accepted that a tomato is not going to grow in winter, not even in a greenhouse, without some extra hours of sunlight. I am down to one tomato starter that is still alive almost half way through December. I am determined for it stay alive, and also to get a few tomatoes from it! So I bought a grow light, my first one ever.

I have the tomato in the kitchen where I can keep a close eye on it. The light is on a timer. It comes on at 6:30am, before it’s light out these days, and switches off at 6:30pm, when it is already dark again. The plant was looking droopy. After a few days of extra light it is looking a little more perky. So, we’ll see. Growing is a game of waiting and patience.

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