Growing Garlic in Winter

Last year I successfully grew garlic from a garlic bulb that I bought at the supermarket. That went so well that I decided to up my game this year and start off with some heirloom garlic, something that I can’t just buy at the grocery store. So I bought two varieties from Bakers Creek Heirloom Seeds. That wasn’t cheap, but I reasoned that I would only have to buy it once. I could save some from this year’s crop for next year.

Unfortunately we had a hard rain a few days after I planted the cloves. It cam down like a deluge and destroyed my nice neat rows. Most of the garlic was lying exposed on the dirt when it was all over. I redid my rows, and now I am hoping that I will get more than the few starters I see coming up now.

I’m just trying to go with the flow of my garden and get the best results I can. Some things go better than others…

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