Herbal Activity

Dried thyme, basil and sage on my kitchen table, with the thresher I use to process them.

There’s a lot of canning and freezing going on this week by those who are taking in and preserving their harvests. I’m one of those people. I already talked about my date with the eggplants yesterday, and I’m planning on pickling my banana and jalapeƱo peppers before the week is over. While I’ve been doing that dance with boiling water and chopping boards, I didn’t have to do anything to dry these herbs except leave them alone.

The thresher in this picture might be my best thrift store find ever. I picked it up and took it home with me without actually knowing what it was for, and now I don’t remember how I figured it out, but we’ve been dancing together ever since. When the herbs are completely dry I run them through this thresher and then store them in jars. It’s a very lovely smelling chore.

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