Wild Berries

Unidentified Berries

I noticed a bush for the first time that’s growing right on the edge of the woods that run along our driveway. It’s about ten feet from the edge of a pond as well. It has berries growing on it that are still green. The leaves and branches of the bush look similar to the blueberry bushes we cultivate in the kitchen garden. I did a little internet research for wild berries that grow in upstate South Carolina in woods near water…but that didn’t yield an identification.

When I posted a mystery flower that I discovered growing deeper in the woods last year, someone identified it as a rare Carolina Lily almost as soon as I posted the picture. So? Does anyone out there know what kind of berries these are and if they are edible?

An unidentified berry bush growing at the edge of the woods on Paris Mountain.


  1. At first I was convinced that these were wild blueberries, but they never turned blue. After awhile I threw caution to the wind and ate the handful of berries. They were definitely gooseberries, and delicious too.

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