The Tallest Sunflower


I can’t claim it’s the tallest sunflower ever, but it’s the tallest one we ever grew…

Every spring, since moving to Greenville six years ago, we’ve planted a bouquet of sunflowers. We don’t harvest them, I guess because we don’t want them bad enough.

There’s plenty of competition from the bugs and birds. The squirrels are entertaining to watch climbing the stalks to get to the seeds. Sometimes they get to the top of a big one and sit on the flower, other times they knock the whole flower over.


I Love Snow Petals

I love white flower petals in my kitchen garden

and the perennials that greet me in the spring time

and the busy bees pollinating the blueberries


and my cat that follows me around like a dog



King Arthur among Bearded Iris Leaves and Lambs Ear


and most of all my husband who gets down with the dirt and puts the green stuff on the table…


Good Green Stuff for Growing Good Boys…