Garden Flux and Flow

A garden is always a work in progress.

When a border is planted I don’t think about digging it up again and getting dirty separating roots, or that maintenance work might arise in the process. When planting bulbs in the fall, I don’t think much about the weeding and raking that will need to be done in the early spring. After cleaning house on Saturday morning I went to work in the west garden and was a little overwhelmed by the flux and flow of the entirety of what needs doing. It would have been nice to admire the blooming bulbs, but I just saw the work.

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Carolina Jasmine in full bloom.

If you look at the Carolina Jasmine growing on this trellis you might think it is late summer, until you notice that the surrounding trees aren’t even budding yet. Although you can see a blooming Oriental Pear tree in the background.

You might forget that trellises are for walking through. Look hard at this Carolina Jasmine and remember what you see now when you’re at the nursery and pick up a little starter in a little container. Since it is not even officially spring yet, and the Hibiscus growing next to it is in danger of choking, this vine is about to be dramatically cut back.

But, just another little reminder, that Hibiscus that looks like a tree, also started out as a small starter that we thought would be a pretty little bush at the corner of the garden, but now casts shadow on my asparagus…